Lunes, Setyembre 21, 2015

How To Identify Genetically Modified Food In The Shops And Markets?

There is no right way or a widespread answer to the question how you can identify organic foods from GMO foods. To know this we need to depend on the ability of our instinct and information from the media, our own researches on suppliers of raw materials and food producers.

Principles:GMO food is more pleasant, rounder, and shinier almost with equivalent size,these foods have brilliant shading and without any indications of decay. 

By the laws of nature we are not all the same as somebody is higher, somebody is shorter, some are fatter and some are skinnier,this same rule applies for the fruits and vegetables. So purchase natural products that are incompatible in look, also search for leafy foods with distinctive hues, sizes and shapes. 

It is not a bad thing if it is slightly hit and shows signs of being really alive i.e. to start spoiling. If you find such fruits and vegetables on the shelves in the supermarkets, chances are strong that they are non GMO.

Buy your food from farmers who grow it by themselves and utilize the above tips. The farmers can also grow a GMO plant without being mindful of it and feed their farm animals with genetically modified foods (for the most part – corn). 

Meats come from such farm animals, on a basic level, should have a striking resemblance as the typical one. Note the appearance of the liver and kidneys, if they look at least slightly sick, you better stop purchasing from these farmers because there is a chance the animals might be nourished with GMO sustenance.

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